transSpot develops software for advertising

Over the last decade, the digital out-of-home advertising industry has seen a rapid explosion. This phenomena is a result of our “on the go” mentality. Every day, people spend less time inside their homes and in route from destination to the next. With more people out in the open, advertising to this massive demographic has never been more crucial.

Founded in 2007, transSpot develops advanced software for digital advertising and content platforms. transSpot is dedicated towards creating state-of-the-art innovations in the digital advertising industry.

Currently, the company features three software products: AdStops™, richvue and ROADirect. Displayed on digital displays in buses and other public venues, transSpot's software is being used in Israel, China and Italy. As the digital advertising realm continues to take shape, transSpot and its team will continue to create the newest, most innovative technology for its customers.

Software Products: