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AdStops™ is an advertising management platform with advanced content display technologies.  The platform makes it easy and efficient for both large and local businesses to digitally advertise on stationary and mobile display systems located in key locations.

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AdStops™ was built on the principle that time and location based advertising is the best way to reach a targeted audience. The AdStops™ technology offers to replace traditional loop-based advertising pattern to provide marketers with more control and customization over their ad campaigns.

Until now, digitally advertising in public domains has been rather difficult and inefficient. Currently, digital signage operators have the task of managing numerous ads simultaneously while businesses constantly have to update their ads and physically transmit them to the display operators.

AdStops™ takes care of this nuisance by allowing businesses to personally customize their ad campaigns and pick when and where the ads will be presented. Customers can log into the AdStops™ website to complete these functions and choose their payment plans.

Through AdStops,™ transSpot has finally set the table for digital advertising to becoming affordable, effective and innovative for the entire digital-out-of-home industry.