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Adstops For Advertisers

Until now, advertisers have had little control over the displaying of their ad campaigns. transSpot's AdStops platform allows for advertisers to not only customize advertisements, but select when and where they should be displayed. Even more beneficial, the software allows advertisers to do this and more all from behind your computer keyboard.

Advertisers can use the AdStops website to create their advertising campaigns, upload their ads or create one from the available templates.

AdStops, the first advertising platform of its kind, alleviates the chores that go into advertising. The software's ability to organize and coordinate ad locations and times makes it extremely effective for all types of business owners. AdStops allows business owners to choose a payment plan flexible to their budgets. For as low as $1/day, you could advertise on AdStops' operated displays.

To start advertising with AdStops, all you have to do is: