transSpot’s proprietary Advanced Real-time ROADirect Passenger Information System helps transit operators reduce passenger uncertainties by providing up-to-the minute ride information in public transportation vehicles.

Roadirect - Product Page

The Passenger Information System software includes an advanced statistical engine, which is responsible for accurately predicting the vehicles' arrival times and trip durations. This information, as well as other location and time based information such as commercials and news casts is displayed on digital displays mounted inside the vehicles.

We provide several applications built on top of the ROADirect System, such as an e-Billboard to send text messages to the passengers, fleet management to assist the transit operators to control their fleet of vehicles, and integration with passenger counting and surveillance cameras hardware. The digital information platform creates attentive commuters. Passengers watch to get the information that is specifically relevant to them, just when they need it most. A captive audience provides an incredible opportunity for digital advertising. By integrating transSpot's AdStops platform on these buses, advertisers can utilize location and time based advertising.