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AdStops for Screen Owners


Currently, screen owners have the burden of dealing with gluts of advertisements all coming in at the same time. These owners are forced to negotiate prices, set up time tables and format ad campaigns. AdStops makes display owners' lives easier by doing all these functions for them. No longer will advertisers dominate your phone lines, demanding to know why their ads aren't being displayed. The software takes care of payment plans, ad scheduling and ad layout. AdStops automatically grants the business with the highest bid per-exposure for a given time or location. This bidding system ensures that you get the most value from your digital display. Suddenly, the AdStops advertising platform has made owning a public display one of the easiest revenue generators in the industry. All owners have to do is sit back and relax.


AdStops Client

The AdStops Client is the software module that enables digital display systems to communicate with the AdStops platform. Any kind of digital display system, such as information kiosks, screens in public transportation, screens in elevators or even ATMs, are potential venues that can install the AdStops Client. All that is required is a standard processor and an easy integration with the existing digital signage software. Once the integration is complete, potential clients will start seeing your screens and advertise. The AdStops Client takes care of downloading the relevant advertisements to each screen, displaying them at the right moments, and billing the advertisers according to the actual exposures..


Once you decide to that AdStops is the best choice for your advertising needs, integrating the software onto your digital display is seamless. Just follow these simple, basic steps and start making money in no time: